Dreadful Mondays

Hello Hello Hello! Is this thing on?

Anyways, now that you probably think I am THE mom with THE #momjokes! Let’s chat!

Mondays are the day we all completely dread the most right? Normally I wouldn’t agree with you… normally I would be praising those above for bringing me Monday. Why do you ask? I’ll tell you why. CHILD CARE! I get to drop my little peanut whom I love dearly off at his sitters house while I get an hour ride to work to either jam out in my car or listen to my latest audiobook.

This Monday though, I was dreading going back to that work life. Only because it was the first weekend where I wasn’t a mom full time and I got to be free with a side of some fun. On Friday evening I traveled into the big NYC to go visit a Toy Fair. Sounds pretty cool right? I was able to  see all these amazing new toys to be released in 2017 before they hit the shelves. Yes this is relevant to my job. It wasn’t a spur the moment idea, I knew I was going well over a month in advance. Anyways all day Saturday I was able to see new releases, meet dorks much like myself, and try to score some free swag. *hint* if you or anyone in your family is a Lego fan you will not be disappointed this year with what is going to be released. 

After my exciting Saturday day time is was time to paint the city red. That’s the phrase right?
I started at Cafe Lalo at around 4pm. You probably think this was like an early dinner… nope it was time for a latte and well a gigantic piece of Oreo cake because when there isn’t a kid around to pick at the good food you want to enjoy every calorie possible, even though you’ll regret it later. Dessert comes first in my book. Let’s talk about this cafe for a minute. It is the cutest cafe I have ever been to and it was packed to the brim with people that had the same idea. I ordered a caramel latte and it was hands down the best latte of my life. The cake wasn’t too shabby either! img_0090

So here’s what Saturday night looked like: Went to a pub and had some amazing food. Obviously this place wasn’t a five star restaurant  but let me tell you, I had the best damn burger I’ve had in a long time with  a side order of my favorite sweet potato fries. I don’t know how all of you feel but sometimes a big greasy burger and fries is exactly what you need when you’re feeling WILD! ha Paired with that burger was a tall glass of bone dry hard cider (as you can tell I was totally living it up) in all honesty it did pair perfectly with dinner. This was the first time I have gone out to dinner without my son since September. For the record I was away from my son in September because I was at a work conference in Florida. So after dinner it was decided to continue the night by bar hopping and enjoying some beers with some great company. *hint* to moms going out for the first time in a long time, check your outfit so you don’t actually look like a mom. Learn from my mistake. Back to the story, two beers in (yes I am a light weight) and I was on top of the world! At the second Bar I met some people from Maryland (I don’t even have a clue what their names were).. they were most certainly a strange group. It was a group mixed of couples that were completely trashed and dancing it up like it was the last day to party, so naturally I did the same and danced my ass off. On the other side of me there was another couple which I later found out where just friends out on Saturday night. These two were my favorite!!!! The woman was drinking straight whiskey which basically acted like a truth serum. SCORE! That totally means a good time, I truly couldn’t tell what the man was drinking but he looked half in the bag as well. Anyways she started talking to us about how they just saw Lala land.

(This is not a paid review of Lala land) Her review of Lala land was that you need to smoke weed or get drunk before you go watch it and that it was the worst relationship movie ever. She stated it was completely unrealistic. If you loved Lala land sorry for this intense review.. I can’t formulate my own opinion seeing as I haven’t been to the movies since I was 9 months pregnant 😦

After hearing that sparkling review I quickly became fond of talking to this woman, she was a complete riot! My new friends then proceeded to buy me a shot of whiskey and I was totally done for after that. Two beers+ one shot+ a mom who never drinks = drunk mom in NYC. Woke up Sunday feeling like complete garbage and I woke up missing my son.The exciting story pretty much ends there since I got on a train to head back home to my little man. And some of you may be thinking this really wasn’t much of a weekend out.. for me it was. I spend hours upon hours developing people at work and then hours upon hours developing my son to be a great man. For one weekend I got to feel what it was like again to go out meet strangers and just a be a 28 year old woman!

so this is my Monday blue post.. *waves* Bye to the weekend and back to reality.


1 thought on “Dreadful Mondays”

  1. Fantastic! Congrats on your first post – you’ll be going viral in no time! You have a wonderful chatty style and your voice really comes through. Welcome to blog-land! I look forward to reading more.


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