Are you a Chameleon ? 

Chameleon: a lizard that can change its color to match its surroundings.


How often do you change your look? If you do change your look often what exactly do you change? Is it your hair, make up or outfits?

Changing your look is fun, but also it’s a journey of self discovery. When you change something on the outside it’s typically because you want to try something different or are expressing a particular way you are feeling on the inside.

From short pixie cut hair to longer purple hair I have done it all. Not only has my hair been a reflection of someone else I want to be in that moment but every day my outfit style changes along with my makeup.


Getting ready in the morning is a project every day. It always comes down to who I want to be on the outside. I’m sure that sounds ridiculous right? Like how hard is to pick out an outfit, do your hair, and put makeup on. Have you ever noticed that depending on what you look like on any given day that it has a major impact on your day. When I take the time to look the way I’m feeling my days tend to go better. I tackle my job on more confident note and I feel better about myself in general. 

Morale of this ridiculous story Is be who want to be and look whatever you want! Don’t let judgment or fear stop who you want to be! 

The only downside? Takes effort and there’s not enough closet space 😩


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