Best Pants Ever

Fashion is one of the many things I love in life! I worked in the fashion industry for 5 years before I moved on. Some of the perks of working in fashion: You get to learn how to tailor style to who you are, you learn what looks best on your body type and others, you learn that mixing patters is ok and actually a great thing, being daring is half the fun and well the discount isn’t too bad. The cons of working in fashion: lets just say you spend too much and you well run out of room in your closet.

When I found out I was pregnant nothing changed as far as my fashion. I made sure to shop frequently and try multiple styles to see what looked best. I didn’t care about spending the money to only use for a short time (I probably should have) and I had a blast dressing my bump. Then I made sure to promise myself.. I will not look like a mom after becoming one. I didn’t want to have classic mom style. You know what I mean: ill fighting pants, too large tops, and  no accessories to dress it up. My I guess what you would call a problem has yet to diminish. I’m even more of sucker now! How so? Well because I have a little one now I don’t want to go to the store as much because it just sucks to put him in a car seat, pull him out of the car seat, put him in a stroller, and have him get fussy. So I have become more of an online shopper. So in the comfort of my own home I get look at various outfits from various stores. Its even worse when they have emailed me a coupon and tell me that its a % off. You get me the minute there are savings… I guess it is a problem at this point.

Anyways I want to talk about these pants I bought! Now I have a difficult time buying pants. I’m about 5’2″ 127lbs and I carry all of my weight on my ass and hips. So needless to saying buying pants just fucking sucks. They are either too tight on the bottom and gaping at the top or just big all around. Any woman with a pear shape will know exactly what I’m talking about! So I found these pants at the Loft. I don’t normally shop there but ever since The Limited went bankrupt and closed I don’t have a favorite store so I figured I would try them out. They are called skinny cropped chinos and they come in amazing beautiful colors for spring that you can start wearing now. They run a bit large so I did have to go down a size! Can I get three cheers for vanity sizing please? Hip Hip Hooray!!!! They are extremely soft and comfortable. I would classify them under the business casual category because I could defienetly wear them with some Kids when I’m not at work but wear a pair of cute booties and jacket to go with it at work! They are only $59.50 so with a coupon or special going on you can get them at a great price. I bought them in 4 colors Fresh green, Pink fizz, Castlerock, and Vivid blush. I actually just ordered two cute peep toe booties from DSW to wear with these pants to work!

Pictures of the pants below! 

Way to go Loft! Keep them coming in every color possible! And for all the ladies out there I highly recommend adding these to your spring wardrobe.





*in no way shape or form is this a paid advertisement of the Loft. I just fell in love with these pants and I know how difficult pant shopping can be for women*


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