Stay a home vs Working

I had the luxury of taking some time off this week. I don’t go back to work until Monday. This time off was much needed. 2016 was one of the most challenging and exhausting years both professionally and personally. When we experience those types of years we are forced to learn, grow, develop and evolve into someone else. So needless to say I’m so pumped to have 9 days off to relax, spend time with my son, clean up the house a bit since it gets neglected and work on some writing. Did I just say I’ll be relaxing? Ha Ha apparently I turned into a comedian.


It’s funny how there’s always the debate of which moms have it worse. Do working moms have it worse? Do stay at home moms have it worse? Well let’s just say I think we all have it bad. I’ve only been off for 3 days in a row now and I’m exhausted! I completely feel the same way I do when I am working 9+ hour days. It’s not like I’m sleeping in, drinking mimosas and reading by the ocean all day. Doesn’t that sound amazing? I would give anything to have that be my time off for even just a day. The reality is I’m still up a 5:30 am with a toddler that wants to pretend he’s Captain America while I have to be Iron Man. This pretend play involves a lot of running around and falling to the ground if I’ve been injured during combat. At least he’s giving me my work out! On the flip side listening to his demands is not only hilarious but a little annoying when it changes every minute. Can I also just ask since when do toddlers have the right to make demands? “Momma watch Pj Masks” “Momma watch Captain America” Momma chips” Momma apple Juice” Momma chicken nuggets” I think you get the picture, toddlers ask a lot of us. I’ve gone from manager to slave for a week!

Lets go to the next topic… are all toddlers bipolar or is this unique to my own little love bug? One minute he is happy as can be and then next minute he is throwing his baby (security blanket that has an elephant head) across the room. For the record he doesn’t just thrown one baby, he throws all seven that he has to keep at his side at all times. You can imagine how difficult it is to travel with seven security blankets! When those bipolar moments occur I can’t help but laugh uncontrollably which probably makes it worse but it is seriously the funniest thing to witness.

I don’t think any of us truly ever get a break! So why do we argue about who has worst? I think there are pros and cons to both situations. If I could be home with my child all the time I would just get to spend more time with him and hopefully build even tighter bond. But if I was home all the time I would probably go mad, my drive time to work is my relaxing time. Being a full time working mom is rewarding if you love your job and it takes you out of mom mode for even just a few hours. On the flip side you miss the most precious moments of your children’s development and you leave them in the hands of others.

As I have started to blog more I notice a consistent theme in my writing. No matter what the story theme is I some how always manage to write that we women just need to support each other instead of bring each other down. Now more than ever we need to become united and fight for how we want to be viewed and that can’t happen until we stop bashing each other.

Have a great day to all you beautiful women out there! Lets start the week by kicking some ass today!


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