Toddler at the Movies


Going to the movies is probably on everyone’s list of favorite things to do. I mean why would anyone not like going? The comfy bucket seats that recline, the large screen, loud sound, smell of popcorn, sharing a yummy snack, the good company, and just getting lost in the movie are all great reasons to always go. As much as I love the movies I don’t really get the chance to go that often anymore. It’s so difficult to find a sitter and plant the whole night out, the process itself is exhausting so I just choose to not go. So that fun past time has been put on the back burner as a mom.

Well today I took a chance! I took my toddler to the movies. I’m not exactly sure what the right age is to bring a toddler to the movie but I figured it was worth a shot. Brayden will be three in May…. when did you take your toddler?

I was really excited to give this a try because it’s just another thing we could do together if he liked it. I went in with absolutely no expectations that he would make it through the 90 minute movie given that it was noon and that’s usually leading up to nap time. So let me just tell you how amazing it was to see the look on his face! The ticket cashier only made it more exciting for Brayden. She handed him the tickets and then said ok go hand them to the guy over there. When the gentleman checked our tickets he did the same thing and spoke directly to Brayden, the grin on his face was a mile wide. He couldn’t be happier and he felt like such a big boy.

When we walked in to the theater room his first reaction was “wow” he was amazed at how big the screen was. The Theater was empty! Thank god for that! Between the screen size and how loud the sound was he was just laughing and smiling the whole time. We made it through the previews (not without a few fidgety movements) and about 30 mins of the movie before he kept saying “mommy outside”. I kept trying to get him to sit on my lap to see if he would last a little longer. He would sit for like 30 seconds and then go back to his seat and say outside outside. I’m come to the conclusion that unless a movie is going through full action scenes or funny commentary that the understands he won’t last. At home he watches Zootopia and Hotel Transylvania from start to finish without fail. I’ll never know how the movie ended today but at least he had fun for a little while.

Should I try again? is two & half to young for the movies? Moms what advice do you have for me?


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